About Alouatta Sanctuary and Eco Lodge


Alouatta Sanctuary and Eco-Lodge is ideally situated to offer interested visitors the very best of Chiriquí Province, Panama. Situated on a lush mountainside, Alouatta Sanctuary and Ecolodge is a 41 acre, ocean-view paradise composed of natural botanical gardens and dense rainforest habitat.  A natural spring bubbles up in this idyllic jungle setting and a small stream runs from the pristine forest high on the mesa through the botanical gardens to the entrance.  This is where new visitors gather to learn about the many wild plants and animals that share the sanctuary and how we can work together to help sustain healthy rainforest ecology. 

Many different species of wildlife inhabit the sanctuary which forms part of a wildlife corridor between two primary rainforests. Inhabitants include howler monkeys, capuchins, sloths, tamarins, ocelots, anteaters, coatis, iguana, poison dart frogs, toucans, and more birds and butterflies than we can count. There are five trails on the property, each leading to a special place; a natural spring, a creek with swimming hole, a colony of tent-making bats, our lookout yoga platform, and the mesa top rainforest.  Everywhere on the property you will find something special, and realize why we say there are more eyes than leaves in the jungle. 

Alouatta Sanctuary also sets aside space for a wildlife rehabilitation project. Guests may have opportunities to learn about primate rehabilitation and observe rehabilitated wildlife up close with qualified staff present.  The resident wild animals of the sanctuary and surrounding areas are also quite flirtatious. Opportunities to photograph exotic birds, primates and other rare and diverse flora and fauna, abound.

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