Dinner and Breakfast Lounge Access Shared Bath

Comfy swinging bug-proof tents for a night in the wilderness! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included.

$45 daily per person. Book for 6 nights and get 10% off!
SEASONAL - available January through March.

This is an eco-lodge so we do everything we can to be low impact. This means no AC, but up on the mountain the temperature is quite moderate. We also use electricity as little as possible. We supply candles and solar lanterns, but bring your headlamp! All accommodations include two meals (dinner and breakfast) unless otherwise specified.

Includes free access to the various trails areas of the property, and access to the lounge. The lounge is a large part of the eco-lodge dedicated to relaxation and downtime. It is sectioned and used as a gathering center, a place for games, a wildlife lab and library, educational activity center, and for indoor yoga when the weather demands. We also have wildlife videos and other forms of entertainment in the evenings.

Price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Boquete and Volcan Baru Day Excursion $50.00 Per day Optional Activity Package
Yoga Retreat $200.00 Per week Optional Activity Package
Primate Lab $500.00 Per week Optional Activity Package
Reforestation Lab $500.00 Per week Optional Activity Package