About Our Activities and Adventures


There are many activities and challenging adventures to be found in the ChiriquÍ Panama. ChiriquÍ Province, Panama is home to a rich and variegated ecology unique within Central America.  ChiriquÍ has some of the largest stands of tropical rainforest and cloud forest in Central America; and the highest mountain peak in Panama, the Volcan Baru, where you can view both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean on a clear day. The famous Quetzales Trail, named after the beautiful but endangered bird that lives here, winds through the province, which is home to both Volcan Baru and La Amistad National Parks. The dormant volcano is surrounded by fertile highlands drained by the ChiriquÍ and Caldera rivers. These rapid rivers flow through the “breadbasket” of Panama, where some of Central America’s best coffee and produce is harvested. They form giant estuaries at the Bocas, attracting birds and other estuarine denizens. The Bocas open to the gulf of ChiriquÍ which encompasses Coiba National Park, a divers’ haven of 38 islands, surrounded by coral reef and a wide diversity of marine life including Humpback whales and dolphins, Whalesharks, Sea Turtles, many colorful species of fish, sharks, skates and rays. 

Our Activities and Adventures Crew lives to tailor a unique excursion for your group.  Besides the packages that are listed below, we are happy to work with you to suit individual interests or groups.  We also periodically offer special seminars or tours to visitors based on our schedule of visiting educators and coaches, and we post these in the lounge.  You can also call ahead to ask about any special seminars and tours. 

ChiriquÍ is known for its diversity of landform and bioregions and therefore it is the perfect place to adventure and enjoy the outdoors. We help plan your vacation to take advantage of all aspects or focus on one aspect of this precious environment.


Activity Packages:

Yoga Retreat:

Includes accommodations for a week (4-6 nights), two personalized yoga classes a day, morning meditation, and “vision quests”, and 3 meals per day. Classes are held on the lookout yoga platform, overlooking the Golfo de ChiriquÍ.

Primate Lab:

Learn about the relationships between primates and their habitat. Engage in activities centered on building understanding of how ecosystems and habitats effect and are affected by primates. Explore scientific issues such as cognitive and behavioral analysis. Learn primate movement tracking, statistical modeling, and data gathering techniques for the jungle environment.  Plan mock projects and discuss political realities, focusing on what we do with the data that we have collected.

Reforestation Lab:

Learn strategies to strengthen and broaden wildlife corridors through reforestation efforts. Learn about the many political and economic challenges facing reforestation efforts in Panama and Central America, and why rainforests are critical to the continued health of the nation, the region and the world. Discuss the politics of deforestation and expose the economic mechanisms that will help reverse the deforestation trend by valuing our forests appropriately. Plant trees.


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