Conservation in Action

"Alouatta Sanctuary is a wildlife rehabilitation, research, and education center devoted to conserving Panama's wildlife."

Protected Wildlife Habitat

"We are strategically located to provide important habitat for exotic birds, primates and other rare and diverse flora and fauna."

Shared Residents

"Our rehabilitation programs provide a second chance for orphaned or injured howler monkeys and other wildlife in need..."

Conservation Research

"Our research programs work to improve primate rehabilitation techniques and inform tropical forest conservation decisions...."

Help Sustain our Future

"Visit us to learn about the many wild plants and animals that share the sanctuary and how we can work together to help sustain healthy rainforests."


A multifaceted conservation approach.


Explore. Learn. Grow. Help make a difference.


Interns & volunteers are welcome at Alouatta Sanctuary.


Experience the impact of wildlife conservation first-hand.


Learn what we offer during a day visit at Alouatta Sanctuary.


We offer a host of adventures & activities to make your visit special.

Situated on a lush mountainside in Chiriqui Province, Panama, Alouatta Sanctuary  is a 41 acre, ocean-view paradise composed of natural botanical gardens and dense rainforest habitat. Our mission is to protect native wildlife populations while creating unique opportunities for visitors to learn about tropical forests and enact positive environmental and personal change. Come visit us! Explore. Learn. Make a difference.


Alouatta Sanctuary

A Positive Experience for All

Students and visitors gather to learn about the many wild animals and plants that share the sanctuary and how we can work together to help sustain healthy rainforests. Guests may have opportunities to learn about primate rehabilitation and observe wildlife up close during nature walks. Visit us for the day to learn about Panama's wildlife. Want to stay longer? We welcome volunteers and interns to participate in our conservation programs for longer periods of time.